Our History

Elder George D. Williams, Jr., Lady Sarion Williams and their four children were
worshipping at Refuge Memorial Church pastured by Elder E. Z. and Mother Portia
Sanders. Elder Williams a dedicated and diligent force in the gospel, felt the need to
expand the Indiana Diocese (under the leadership of Elder Alonzo Moyer of Chicago, IL)
of the Churches of Our Lord Jesus Christ. First beginning church services in his home,
Elder Williams under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost was sent to the north side of
Indianapolis to begin what is now called, “Full Gospel Apostolic Evangelical Worship
Ministries.” Full Gospel’s charter members were Sister Susie Barker, Sister Hazel
Thornton, Mother Mabel Maxie, and Pastor’s beloved parents Deacon George D.
Williams, Sr., and Mother Emma Williams.
With these few willing members on April 17, 1988 worship began in a small office area
of a building owned by Dave and Angie Mercer, located at 4516 N. Hillside Ave. During
these early years, many lives were touched by the saving power of Jesus Christ. Within a
few weeks, this faithful few increased having to remove a wall to expand the worship
area. By 1989 Deacon Robert and Missionary Waynette Smith joined Full Gospel
working in the financial department music department, and were ever they were needed.
Junior Missionary Crystal Spiller joined in October of 1990, later becoming a missionary
and also finding enjoyment working with the Sunday School Department. In those early
years we were blessed by the ministries of many anointed and dynamic young preachers
including Minister Donald Edwards of Indianapolis, IN, Minister Kenny Wilson of
Cleveland OH, Minister Brondon Mathis of World Harvest Church (Columbus, OH) and
Ministers Kalvin and Kelvin Wiley of New York.
On Easter 1992, we were blessed to have Elder Richard and Sister Marcia Pervine and
family as well as Deacon Carlos Anderson who worked on the financial committee and
played the drums, to take the right hand of fellowship in service to our God.
Shortly after that, FGWC was able to purchase our first property with the backing of
many Christians and friends. Though this building was an old three-bedroom house with
four city lots, our pastor had a vision of making it a place of worship to our Lord. As
many hands labored together, and with an investment of over $50,000, this building was
transformed into a beautiful worship center. Almost two years of construction was put
into its edifice. There were many hindrances and much difficulty along the way; but in
1994 with the help of the Almighty, we were able to celebrate Jesus in our finished
worship center complete with cathedral ceiling and steeple, located at 4512 N. Hillside.
As time went on, we continued to work, reach and build lives for His Kingdom. We had
revivals, Christian learning seminars, Missionary services; Women’s World programs,
Harvest Celebrations, Vacation Bible School, tent crusades, outreach, youth drama
productions directed by Jamar Holston, a youth choir lead by Sister Kathy, and much

Though the Pastor and Wife suffered the loss of their beloved son George Donald
Williams III in May 1997, and the church went through a time of groaning in the spirit,
we continued on in the spirit of worship to our Lord Jesus Christ. Again I say “Hitherto
hath the Lord helped us.”
In the fall of 2001, Pastor Williams and staff members visited the large warehouse
building that the ministry had originally started in back in 1988. After praying the
decision was made and the Full Gospel Worship Center family moved our church
operation into the 4514 N. Hillside Ave. location, marching over in a ceremony of faith,
praise and worship to our God who had blessed us to expand His operation once more.
This adding more space for development and expansion. The new location contained
areas for two-three offices, a much larger sanctuary, space for Sunday school, a
fellowship area/daycare facility, kitchen, two restrooms, and a computer lab, as well as an
area for youth recreation! Praise God!
Full Gospel is known throughout the city as “the place of worship”. Pastor Williams
began this style of music that is unique to us and that same anointing has been transferred
to Full Gospel’s own Brother (Christopher) Jeremiah Spiller. Fondly referred to as
Brother Jeremy, he started playing in December of 2005 and in the early months of 2006;
Pastor Williams turned the musicianship of the worship service over into his hands, with
the help of Sister Crista Spiller, Sister Daria Manning, and Kimberly Sysney Edwards on
the drums. As God has blessed him to improve over the years Brother Jeremy now plays
beautifully for Full Gospel as well as other audiences around the city.
As the Holy Ghost inspired Pastor Williams, we began having “Harvest Crusade
Services.” Many lives were touched through these annual revival services and 2006 saw
our first “Youth Harvest Crusade,” which touched the lives of many youths and brought
out talent from churches over the city of Indianapolis. 2006 also marked the
reestablishment of the Sunday School Department lead by Missionary Crystal Spiller.
During 2007, under the leadership of Sister Sarah Davis of Mount Zion Apostolic, with
the help of our own Sister Crista Spiller, our “Youth Conference” touched the lives of
many young people, involving many churches around the city, and bringing in
individuals from as far away as New York. Junior Deacon Anthony Simpson known for
many inspirational sermons was ordained to Deacon. Lady Sarion Williams left her place
of employed of 18 years to work full time in the ministry as church secretary, and has
been used of the Lord to make many changes for the betterment of the gospel.
Already this year 2008, we have experienced the blessing of the Lord. Involving several
young ladies, the praise dancers are evolving guided by Sister Andrea Jackson and Sister
Elizabeth McKinney under the watchful leadership of Lady Sarion Williams. They
worshiped beautifully during the Due Season service with Bishop Philips of New York.
Also, Brother Jeremy under the Leadership of Deacon Anthony Simpson has released his
first album. Brother Mark Barker brought to the media department “Full 66 Productions”

upgrades in the form of CD and DVD equipment for the recording of services, as well as
other equipment to assist in spreading of the Gospel.
We are just beginning our quest to serve the Lord.
“Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.”